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Engineering Graphics Online?

Best Engineering Graphics 1st Year Online Course starting at ₹1999 only

Xcel Live offers best Engineering Graphics 1st Year Online Course starting at INR 1999 only with live & pre-recorded lectures on important topics such as Engineering Curves, Projection of Points & Lines, Projection of Planes, Projection of Solids, Missing Views, Isometric Views & more.


Objective of Engineering Graphics course is to impart and inculcate proper understanding of the theory of projection, impart the knowledge of reading a drawing and improve the visualization skills of engineering students.


So if you are looking for an online course to learn Engineering Graphics, get in touch with us today to know more!

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Engineering Graphics 1st Year Syllabus

Check out the full Syllabus for Engineering Graphics below -

Module 1

Introduction to Engineering Graphics

Principles of Engineering Graphics and their significance, usage of Drawing instruments, Types of Lines, Dimensioning Systems as per IS conventions. Introduction to plain and diagonal scales.

Engineering Curves

Basic construction of Cycloid, Involutes and Helix (of cylinder) only.

Module 2

Projection of Points and Lines

Lines inclined to both the Reference Planes (Excluding Traces of lines) and simple application based problems on Projection of lines.

Projection of Planes

Triangular, Square, Rectangular, Pentagonal, Hexagonal and Circular planes inclined to either HP or VP only. (Exclude composite planes).

Module 3

Projection of Solids

(Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone only) Solid projection with the axis inclined to HP and VP. (Exclude Spheres, Composite, Hollow solids and frustum of solids). Use change of position or Auxiliary plane method.

Module 4

Section of Solids

Section of Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, & Cone cut by plane perpendicular to at least one reference plane (Exclude Curved Section Plane). Use change of position or Auxiliary plane method.

Module 5

Orthographic and Sectional Orthographic Projections: -

Fundamentals of orthographic projections. Different views of a simple machine part as per the first angle projection methodrecommended by I.S. Full or Half Sectional views of the Simple Machine parts.

Module 6

Missing Views:

The identification of missing views from the given views. Create the third view from the two available views so that all the details of the object are obtained.

Module 7

Isometric Views:-


Principles of Isometric projection – Isometric Scale, Isometric Views, Conversion of Orthographic Views to Isometric  Views (Excluding Sphere ).

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Engineering Graphics
Course Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to -

(1) Apply the basic principles of projections in Projection of Lines and Planes.

(2) Apply the basic principles of projections in Projection of Solids.

(3) Apply the basic principles of sectional views in Section of solids.

(4) Apply the basic principles of projections in converting 3D view to 2D drawing.

(5) Read a given drawing.

(6) Visualize an object from the given two views.

Engineering Graphics
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