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C Programming Online?

Best C Programming Online Course starting at ₹1999 only

Xcel Live offers best C Programming Online Course starting at INR 1999 only with live & pre-recorded lectures on important topics such as Fundamentals of C Programming, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays & Strings, Structure & Union, Pointers and more.


Objective of C Programming course is to provide exposure to problem-solving by developing an algorithm, flowchart and implement the logic using C programming language.


So if you are looking for an online course to learn C Programming, get in touch with us today to know more!

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C Programming Syllabus

Check out the full Syllabus for C Programming below -

Module 1


- Introduction to components of a Computer System

- Introduction to Algorithm and Flowchart

Fundamentals of C Programming

- Keywords, Identifiers, Constants and Variables


- Data types in C


- Operators in C


- Basic Input and Output Operations


- Expressions and Precedence of Operators

- In-built Functions

Module 2

Control Structures

- Introduction to Control Structures

Branching and looping structures

- If statement, If-else statement, Nested if-else, else-if Ladder

- Switch statement

- For loop, While loop, Do while loop

- Break and continue

Module 3


- Introduction to functions

- Function prototype, Function definition, Accessing a function and parameter passing.

- Recursion.

Module 4

Arrays and Strings

- Introduction to Arrays

- Declaration and initialization of one dimensional and two-dimensional arrays.

- Definition and initialization of String

- String functions

Module 5

Structure and Union

- Concept of Structure and Union

- Declaration and Initialization of structure and union

- Nested structures

- Array of Structures

- Passing structure to functions

Module 6



- Fundamentals of pointers

- Declaration, initialization and dereferencing of pointers

- Operations on Pointers

- Concept of dynamic memory allocation

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C Programming
Course Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to -

(1) Formulate simple algorithms for arithmetic, logical problems and translate them to programs in C language.

(2) Implement, test and execute programs comprising of control structures.

(3) Decompose a problem into functions and synthesize a complete program.

(4) Demonstrate the use of arrays, strings and structures in C language.

(5) Understand the concept of pointers.

C Programming
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