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Basic Electrical Engineering Online?

Best Basic Electrical Engineering Online Course starting at ₹499 only

Xcel Learning offers best Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE) online course starting at INR 499 only with pre-recorded lectures on important topics such as DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Generation of Three-Phase Voltages, Transformers, Electrical Machines, Single-Phase induction motor & more.


Objective of this course is to provide knowledge on fundamentals of D.C. circuits, single/three phase AC circuits and its applications, fundamentals of DC & AC Machines, the basic operation and performance of 1-Φ transformer.


So if you are looking for an online course to learn basic electrical engineering (bee), get in touch with us today to know more!

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Basic Electrical Engineering Syllabus

Check out the full Syllabus for Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE) below -

Prerequisite: Resistance, inductance, capacitance, series and parallel connections of resistance, concepts of voltage, current, power and energy and its units. Working of wattmeter, Magnetic circuits, MMF, Magnetic field strength, reluctance, series and parallel magnetic circuits, BH Curve, Time domain analysis of first order RL and RC circuits.

Module 1

DC Circuits: (Only independent source) Kirchhoff‘s Laws, Ideal and practical Voltage and current Sources, Source Transformation, Mesh and Nodal Analysis, Star-Delta / Delta-Star Transformations, Superposition, Thevenin‘s Theorem, Norton‘s Theorem and Maximum Power Transfer Theorem.

Module 2

AC Circuits :Generation of alternating voltage, basic definitions, average and r.m.s values, phasor and phase difference, sums on phasors, Single-phase ac series and parallel circuits consisting of R, L, C, RL, RC, RLC combinations, definitions - real, reactive and apparent power, admittance (Y), Series and parallel resonance, Q factor.

Module 3

Generation of Three-Phase Voltages, voltage & current relationships in Star and Delta Connections, power measurement in three phase balanced circuit (Only two wattmeter method).

Module 4

Transformers: Working principle of single-phase transformer, EMF equation of a transformer, Transformer losses, Actual (practical) and ideal transformer, Phasor diagram (considering winding resistance and magnetic leakage), Equivalent circuit, Open-circuit test (no-load test), short circuit (SC) test, efficiency.

Module 5

Electrical Machines (Numerical not expected): Rotating magnetic field produced by three phase ac, principle of operation of Three-phase induction motor, constructional details and classification of Induction machines.

Module 6

Principle of operation of Single-Phase induction motors, stepper motor (Single stack variable reluctance and permanent magnet).

Self Leaning Topics

Principle of operation of DC generators and DC motors, constructional details and classification of DC machines, e.m.f equation of generator/motor, applications.

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Basic Electrical Engineering
Course Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to -

(1) Apply various network theorems to determine the circuit response / behavior.

(2) Evaluate and analyze 1-Φ circuits.

(3) Evaluate and analyze 3-Φ AC circuits.

(4) Understand the constructional features and operation of 1-Φ transformer.

(5) Illustrate the working principle of 3-Φ machine.

(6) Illustrate the working principle of 1-Φ machines.

Basic Electrical Engineering
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